Guitar Repair

All my years as a prototype machinist have served me well in my passion for working on guitars. I’ve got a very keen sense of precision and detail. I also love what I do. It’s not a job to me. I look at my work as a reflection of myself.

I’ve found kind of a niche for myself in specializing in fretwork. Over time frets wear or come loose and cause bussing. Having frets level, properly crowned and polished to a mirror finish makes an enormous difference in tone and playability.

The 3 types of material used to make fretwire are Nickel Silver, Stainless Steel and Gold EVO. Stainless Steel lasts almost forever before needing to be leveled again. It’s extremely hard and adds a slight brightness to the tone. Gold EVO has a hardness factor between Stainless and Nickel Silver and also lasts a very long time. Nickel Silver is the traditional material used on most guitars. There are many sizes to choose from.

My rates are very affordable. I understand that musicians like many of us have a hard time just getting by. I look at what I do as sort of a community service for musicians.

Please give me a call at Mike Reynolds Fretwork and Guitar Repair to make an appointment. We’ll get that guitar playing the best it can be.